tiger pillow

product details
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 20 cm

40 cm diameter

yarn size


100% organic cotton, filling: siliconated hypo-allergic fibers


little raw cotton bag

The little tiger is sleeping tight. Please don’t wake him up – you can do your house choirs in the meantime. When the tiger wakes up, you won’t have too much time for anything else, besides taking care of him ;)
This little pillow is a perfect decoration or a cuddle toy. Please don’t use it as a headrest for the newborn baby because the pillow is too thick. Together with the sleeping tiger blanket, the pillow makes a sweet gift proposition. It is made from organic cotton and is packed in a cotton sack with two cute pompoms attached. The pillow does not have a removable cover, but it can be washed in a washing machine as w whole.


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.stripes on my head, stripes on my back

you know my name, you know my pack

I’m tiger from India, came here alone

don’t want to be lonely, please take me home

be my friend and hug me tight

If you will love me, I won’t ever bite

let’s play together and have some fun

outside on the grass and under the sun


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