Contract Cancellation

Contract cancellation is an institution in European law that grants you a right to cancel the remote purchase contract of physical goods. The idea is that you have not been able to see the goods prior to purchase and therefore you can cancel the contract after receiving the goods, as if the contract was never signed. This means that you will receive full refund of the value of the purchase, including shipping cost to you (you cover the return shipping), provided that the goods are not used or damaged (as if you have seen them in the store). If the goods are used or damaged, then we have the right to asses their remaining value and refund only this value. In case of most of our goods any use of the goods will mean that their remaining value is basically zero, because nobody will want to buy a used blanket etc, so please don’t use the goods if you plan to cancel the contract – otherwise we won’t be able to make a refund.

The time to cancel the contract is 28 days (4 weeks) since you receive the goods. You can do this by writing us an email or sending a letter to the following address:

  • by email to:, or
  • by mail to:
    ul. Barska 70
    43-300 Bielsko-Biała

Since we have the details of your purchase in our system, you don’t have to send us a purchase receipt. Your email address, shipping address, etc should be enough for us to be able to identify your purchase and recreate the receipt for the refund purposes.

Payment Refund

In case of contract cancellation we refund your purchase including the cost of shipping from us to you (you have to pay for the return shipping).

If you decide to cancel only a part of the contract (e.g. return only some goods, while keeping other) we don’t refund the shipping cost.

Also if you have received a free shipping due to the value of your order and you are returning a part of the order, but the remaining value of the order is less than the free shipping threshold, we may cancel the free shipping discount and deduct the value of the shipping from the refund value. Why we reserve such a measure? Because we run a risk that a client would buy a lot of products to receive free shipping and then return most of them to keep just a small item with free shipping included.

The details of shipping costs calculation are described in a Shipping section.

The payment is refunded in the same way as we have received the money – if you paid through Paypal or Tpay, the return is through the same system. If you have paid us via direct transfer, we will also return money via direct transfer to the same account from which we have received the payment.

Return of the goods

Please return the goods to:

ul. Barska 70
43-300 Bielsko-Biała

not later than 14 days after you have sent us the contract cancellation notice. You have to cover the cost of return shipping. The packaging of the product and any additions to it are an integral part of the product. If this packaging is damaged or missing, we reserve the right to deduct their value from the refund, since we cannot sell this product without packaging and we have to add a new one. This does not include the outer packaging of the shipment (the outside box), which is there to protect the shipment and it is natural for the outer box to get used during shipping.

Product Warranty

If the purchased product has a defect, you can return it within 12 months since purchase. We reserve the right to assess the validity of the warranty claim.

The best course of action is to first email us a picture of the defect and describe your claim. We will initially assess your claim and write you back. If the claim is valid we will ask you to send us the faulty product. We can either remove the defect, replace the product, return the value of the product or ask you if you would like to receive a replacement product.

In case of refunding your purchase the money will be sent to you using the same method as you have used to purchase the product (PayPal, Tpay, wire transfer, etc).

Please do not send us cash-on-delivery parcel as we will not accept such a parcel.

Please also note that we will not accept warranty claim concerning defects that have been clearly described for products in the outlet section.

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