Houses Blanket and Pillow Set

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100% organic cotton


raw cotton backpack with 2 cute pompons


80×100 cm

The set includes 3 cottages: a classic one-storey mint house with a chimney, a four-storey yellow house, and a two-storey green house with two chimneys, as well as an 80×100 cm blanket made of organic cotton.

The set can be used as a cuddle, decoration or become part of the scenery of many children’s adventures. It can play the role of a small town, a housing estate or be separate elements, everything depends on children’s imagination.

Pillows are filled with silicone ball, giving the pillow a pleasant softness. This set has a chance to become your little one’s favourite. The preschooler will be happy to take them interchangeably with a blanket for a nap in the kindergarten.

The set is packed in a canvas bag in a convenient handle for transportation. Attention – pillows are not pillows for babies. They are too high for this purpose. They do not have a removable cover, but can be easily washed in the washing machine.


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