crocodile pillow

product details
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 20 × 20 cm

large raw cotton sack


160 cm length


yarn size

“Where are you from? Crocodile!

I am from the river Nile

Let me go out for a while,

I’ll take you to the Nile.”

Straight from the ZOO poem by Jan Brzechwa we release super soft and sooooo long (up to 160 cm!) Crocodile pillows. It will be a great companion during creating structures from children’s dreams, jump courses or a very long (up to 160cm!) pillow for hugging – a roller type. It is made of organic cotton and is additionally perfectly soft thanks to the filling with silicone balls. It also fits perfectly into a gift. We pack the pillow in a cotton bag adapted to the size of the toy with an easy-to-transport handle. The pillow does not have a removable cover but it can be washed in a washing machine as a whole.


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