puppy pillow

product details
Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 20 cm

40 cm diameter

yarn size


100% organic cotton, filling: siliconated hypo-allergic fibers


little raw cotton bag

The little pillow with a puppy is a cute cuddle toy and a decoration of a child’s room. A toddler will gladly take it to the kindergarten to hug it during a nap. This organic cotton pillow can be bought as a set together with the same style blanket. Both the pillow and the blanket are packed in a cotton sack with two pompoms attached and they make for a sweet, practical and unique gift proposition – either for your friend’s baby shower, or for your own little baby. The pillow has 40 cm diameter and it has non-removable cover, but can be washed in the washing machine as a whole.


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.I’m a doggie, with grey patch

Love to play in throw and catch

Love to roll and run and bark

Love to race through the park

Be my friend, love me hard

And we’ll never be apart

You will never be alone

once you take me to your home


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