foxes basket

product details
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 25 cm

40×35 cm

yarn size


100% organic cotton, cardboard stiffener


large raw cotton sack

The clever fox will help you to bring an order to your little one’s toy jungle. The basket at 40 cm height and 35 cm diameter is large and will fit many toys inside. It is also solid with two layers of fabric and a stiffening layer between them. The basket can be bought as a set together with a foxes blanket and also a fox little pillow. The set will be an exquisite, unique gift either for your friends baby shower or for your little baby. The basket just like the blanket and the pillow is made from organic cotton.


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.I have tail and 4 paws

Love to make silly jokes

Nose is red like a berry

I’m a Fox- a friend to carry

With you always, close to heart

Cuz I’m soft and I’m smart


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